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Social Engagement

Social for us is just another communications channel we work with @MUSTARDPR. It’s a core part of the PR and communications function While we manage the international social channels for a number of clients, there are clear areas where we take the lead and where it makes sense for our clients to have control. Ultimately we help our clients leverage social media and engagement as part of the communications process. Rest assured we’re creative when it comes to social, we’ve conceived, shot and seeded videos which have gone viral, we’ve worked with some of the internet’s biggest names and we’ve shaped the fortunes of our clients – all through social.

I've been known to describe Andrew Durkin as the 'acceptable face of PR', in a space often populated by robots and - frankly - well-meaning idiots. He's neither of these things. And he once lent me a camera that had pictures of his wife on it. So he's not just a good PR guy, he's also very trusting - she was fully clothed BTW.
Tim Green, former Executive Editor – Mobile Entertainment and founder of Mobile Money Revolution

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Mobile, Enterprise IT & Telecom


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Sports, esports & mHealth


Early stage

We’ve got tons of examples of the campaigns we have run and the results we have achieved. Just drop a line for more information.

From events to technology stories the team at MUSTARD PR nail it every time.
Dave Lee, BBC