Our Clients

We work with inspiring brands that are looking to disrupt through technology.

MUSTARD PR work with a range of clients from startup entrepreneurs to global powerhouses. What does matter to us is that our clients share the same passion we do, they want to disrupt in some way and they are not adverse to challenging convention.
Our clients rave about our flexibility, our connection culture and our personal approach. They say very nice things about us and even more than that, they recommend us time and time again.
Below is a small sample of the brands we have worked with:
I've been known to describe Andrew Durkin as the 'acceptable face of PR', in a space often populated by robots and - frankly - well-meaning idiots. He's neither of these things. And he once leant me a camera that had pictures of his wife on it. So he's not just a good PR guy, he's also very trusting - she was fully clothed BTW.
Tim Green, former Executive Editor – Mobile Entertainment and founder of Mobile Money Revolution, associate analyst at Juniper Research

We collaborate with ambitious brands and people; we’d love to build something great together.

MUSTARD PR are good PR and Marketing strategic thinkers which deliver results. A* on both counts!
Ken Blakeslee, Chairman, WebMobility Ventures