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For us at MUSTARD PR we’re interested in outcomes, the best outcomes. For each client we profile the media and influencer communities to understand where our communications should be focused. From there it’s about understanding what content is appropriate for each audience and how it should be delivered. No two campaigns are the same, no target list is identical. As well as the more obvious channels of communications we are adept at positioning our clients within vertical media and communities of interest. We often work closely with the sales function of our clients to align our activity for a specific action.
I have hired the team @MUSTARD PR, numerous times and cannot fault their work ethic, transparency and results. If anyone asks me for a recommendation for communications support MUSTARD PR are the go to guys and girls..
Ramin G. Farr. CEO, Factory Berlin

The industries we work in


Mobile, Enterprise IT & Telecom


Consumer Tech


Sports, esports & mHealth


Early stage

We’ve got tons of examples of the campaigns we have run and the results we have achieved. Just drop a line for more information.

From events to technology stories the team at MUSTARD PR nail it every time.
Dave Lee, BBC