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Event Management

Events can be stressful and there’s lots of opportunities for things to go wrong. Our events team have been responsible for dozens of successful press launches (product and service). We’ve been hired to run the media centre for several high profile industry events so we’ve got a good track record. We even have our own 1/4ly event that we host for the media – it’s legendary and very well attended. If you are considering any event no matter what the size please get in touch and we’ll talk you through the options.
I've been known to describe Andrew Durkin as the 'acceptable face of PR', in a space often populated by robots and - frankly - well-meaning idiots. He's neither of these things. And he once leant me a camera that had pictures of his wife on it. So he's not just a good PR guy, he's also very trusting - she was fully clothed BTW.
Tim Green, former Executive Editor – Mobile Entertainment and founder of Mobile Money Revolution

The industries we work in


Mobile, Enterprise IT & Telecom


Consumer Tech


Sports, esports & mHealth


Early stage

We’ve got tons of examples of the campaigns we have run and the results we have achieved. Just drop a line for more information.

Working with MUSTARD PR is a pleasure, they always help us gain fantastic access to interviewees and have collaborated with us on some brilliant articles.
Jack Stewart, reporter, Daily Mail