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1-2-1 ‘Snipeology’

Based on Account Based Marketing (ABM) we have developed a series of tactical activity that can directly support the activity of the sales function. We’re not going to give away our approach in detail here, but we can point to numerous examples of where our work with clients has led to big ticket sales – if you are interested in how MUSTARD PR’s Snipeology can work for you, then please drop us a line.
Always enjoy working with the MUSTARD PR guys. Trusting the PRs you work with to bring you interesting stories makes life as a journalist easier and I know when the team get in touch it's worth opening that email or answering that call.
Andy Halls, The Sun

The industries we work in


Mobile, Enterprise IT & Telecom


Consumer Tech


Sports, esports & mHealth


Early stage

We’ve got tons of examples of the campaigns we have run and the results we have achieved. Just drop a line for more information.

MUSTARD PR are good PR and Marketing strategic thinkers which deliver results. A* on both counts!
Ken Blakeslee, Chairman, WebMobility Ventures