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PR for Mobile, Enterprise IT & Telecom

For more than 15 years we have helped companies with their communications challenges across numerous verticals. From technical and engineering backgrounds (inhouse, consultancy and journalism) our core team of PR consultants has worked across mobile infrastructure deployment, SaaS data analytics, data virtualization, IoT (M2M), enterprise security, Standard bodies and associations, enterprise Cloud and Blockchain solutions.
As well as creatively approaching communications challenges for our B2B clients, underpinning our work is great content. Being able to quickly understand our client’s business and immediately convert that into great copy ensures we immediately make an impact.
How do we judge impact? We have our own in-house suite of measurement tools which help us pinpoint the difference we are making. We then use these results to optimise our campaign, constantly refining and crunching the data. It works and our clients love our transparency.
I was once told that something wasn't possible from a well known PR agency. I turned to MUSTARD PR and they proved it was. Working with MUSTARD PR for our B2B communications is like a breath of fresh air. Strategically sound with the ability to execute at the highest level the experience and insight provided is in my opinion second to none.
Giles Corbett, Co-founder, Ksubaka

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We’ve got tons of examples of the campaigns we have run and the results we have achieved. Just drop a line for more information.

I’ve been known to describe Andrew Durkin as the ‘acceptable face of PR’, in a space often populated by robots and – frankly – well-meaning idiots. He’s neither of these things. And he once lent me a camera that had pictures of his wife on it. So he’s not just a good PR guy, he’s also very trusting – she was fully clothed BTW.
Tim Green, former Executive Editor – Mobile Entertainment and founder of Mobile Money Revolution, associate analyst at Juniper Research